Biscayne National Park – Will you migrate with the birds?

When you want to escape the cold and harsh winters in the North East of the Continental US, it’s wise to follow the migratory birds, and venture down south. To sunny Florida!

Biscayne National Park is best described as a watery wonderland. Protecting a rare combination of aquamarine life, emerald islands, and bejeweled coral reefs, Biscayne takes your breath away.

It’s often in the most unreachable of places that we find evidence of pristine life untouched by human intrusion.

Nothing like Sunny Florida to take your mind off the chilling cold in the north. 

And so below is a short and sweet photo journal of Biscayne National Park which reminds you that humans have always been drawn to the mysterious ocean waters and will continue to do so forever.

I stayed only a few minutes away from Miami, but about 2 hours from Biscayne and grabbed breakfast at Cafe Bae, the same place as the previous morning on the trip to Everglades National Park. Couldn’t help returning!

Cafe Bae – Twice on one trip! The smoked salmon, red onion, cream cheese and caper bagel is perfection. #PromoteLocalBusinesses 

On travels and otherwise, to the extent possible, i try to choose local cafes/restaurants instead of cookie cutter food and beverage chains. All in the hopes that entrepreneurs benefitting from the patronage will encourage more local businesses to flourish. So the next time you drive into a Starbucks for a coffee, take a minute to check if there is a local store you can support instead. A few years ago I wrote about how Australia does NOT do Starbucks (#15) and instead nurtures local coffee culture. Again, i know it’s not always possible, but all we can do is to try and drive the change.

Solo driving and photography are hard drinks. Just don’t mix them.

Inevitably, you do a few extra miles driving back and forth to places that catch your eye. Embrace it but don’t click while driving.

On solo-travel, many moments of solitude are sprinkled in with vivid blue, expressive clouds, pitch green fields, and the endless road.

Not surprisingly, i was slightly homesick to see the gorgeous coconut farms that immediately took me back to home in Southern India. But all you can do is, soak in the feeling and drive on.

Biscayne National Park doesn’t lure you with what’s above the surface.

It’s whats underneath that really counts.

Outdoors enthusiasts can boat, snorkel, camp, and swim with marine wildlife…

…or simply relax in a rocking chair gazing out over the bay.

Which is exactly what i did. For the rest of the day!

Minutes turned to hours…
walking on fishing docks with endlessly waiting time…
…napping under trees and the ocean breeze…

meditating to the waves teasing coral rocks…

and of course getting your feet wet.

The best way to experience a national park entirely in water, is obviously to get into the water. With dollops of sun-screen and a waterproof phone.

I saw 3 manatees (sea cows) swim by my paddle-board. Too enamored with the feeling of being one with these gentle yet wondrous giants, i forgot all about getting my phone out. Of course, the image is captured in my mind for eternity.

Paddle with the Manatees!

The day flew by without a care for the world outside these blue waters.

And before i knew it, it was the best relaxing workout vacation ever.

But it was also time to go back home.

Florida tanned AF and Happy!

I sincerely believe that the best meals are unplanned and spontaneous. On the drive back, i stumbled upon the most charming tea room! (Highly Recommend)

The Tea Room in Sunny Florida didn’t let me miss New England too much. 

And so, plans of a quick bite and back turned into an elaborate afternoon tea time affair.

That’s Teapot sets one too many.

That’s the best thing about plans and schedules, they often change unannounced.

Frustrating on the surface, but what happens instead, just like in life, is beyond your wildest dreams!

Stroll by charming gardens and tea rooms in this European style Cauley square.

Best clubbed on the same trip as the one to Everglades National park, I highly recommend exploring this aquamarine paradise called Biscayne National Park. Especially when its polar vortex style weather up north!

Check-out my previous blog on a Road-trip across Spain and the ones coming up soon. You can follow more travel clicks on Instagram.

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