A podcast by two brown Indian girls, living and working globally! Conforming to Desi stereo-types and breaking them! Sharing authentic life stories & experiences to build a meaningful community. Join us siblings on a journey as we learn, explore and uncover what it means to be a Global Desi. All while attempting to adult!

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27. Growing up first generation Indian in the US with Samira Bandaru Life of a Global Desi

On this episode we explore the idea of ‘Indian-ness’ with Samira Bandaru, a Product and experience designer from Georgia Tech; who shares her thoughts of growing up first generation Indian in the US. When is someone Indian enough? Does having an Indian accent count? Must one be defined solely by their racial and cultural identity?It is hard enough to define what it means to be an Indian in India, leave alone trying to define what it means to be an Indian born and living outside of India. The American born desi comes in many flavors. Primarily dictated by the lived experiences of the individual in question. The Indian diaspora and their descendants are an ever-evolving bunch and it’s time we move beyond conveniently boxing individuals. Instead, appreciate them for the uniqueness in interests, experiences and diversity of thought that they each bring to the table. Join us in the conversation and check out Samira’s food blogs at Yesterday’s goods. Share your stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and lifeofaglobaldesi@gmail.com. Listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podbean, JioSaavn, Stitcher, YouTube, Google Podcasts and anywhere else you listen to podcasts!
  1. 27. Growing up first generation Indian in the US with Samira Bandaru
  2. 26. Desi women taking charge of their life. Cindy Gunraj, Founder of Stillness Blooms
  3. 25. Desi foods we miss. What’s on your list?
  4. 24. Art of Cooking and Sustainable Food Choices with Urban Farmie Shruthi Baskaran
  5. 23. Student Life in the US. Grad school at Harvard & MBA at Darden UVA
  6. 22. Moving back to India. Ft. Kunal, Nikhil, Sandy
  7. 21. Travel Adventures of a Tiny Lady and working with WWF – Nickolai Kinny Withmore
  8. 20. Moving to US for Undergrad Ft. Pallavi Janiani – Host of The Caffeinated Brown Girl Podcast
  9. 19. When are you getting married beta? Ft. Kaveri, Mandira, Stefy, & Aarati
  10. 18. Let’s talk about racism.
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